NSML Meets: General Information

This page contains the most important general information about the contests. Detailed regulations are posted elsewhere.

Visiting Schools

  • If you are delayed or unable to attend, please inform the host immediately.
  • Want to bring more than 5 alternates per grade level? Contact the host early. Volunteer extra coaches for proctoring (if you have them). Staff and space may make this tight. Please be understanding if the host school cannot make this work.

General Regulations

  1. Schools on strike may not compete.
  2. Students below the 9th grade may not compete as contestants, but may compete as alternates.
  3. Cell phones must be turned off and not visible during the contest.

    • If a cell phone goes off during a contest, the student will be disqualified.
    • If a cell phone is visible, the proctor will request that the student put it away.
    • If the student does not comply, the student will be disqualified.

    Disqualification in these circumstances means that a student will get a score of zero for the contest the student is taking, but otherwise remains eligible to compete as normal.

  4. No oralist may have a cell phone with them in the sequester or preparation rooms. An oralist who violates this rule will be disqualified for the entire evening. Make your proctors aware of this rule.

Contact Information

Head coaches: It is important for the League President to have correct contact information to reach you in case of an emergency, scoring change, or other announcement. Please make sure that your contact information on the League’s website is current. Several days before the meet, the League president will ask you by e-mail to verify your contact information.