Acceptable Forms of Answers

All written answers must meet the following specifications unless instructions state otherwise.

  1. Answers must be clearly written in the answer blank provided.
  2. All fractions must be completely simplified in proper, improper or mixed form. The numerator and denominator must be integers that share no nontrivial common factors.
  3. Decimal approximations are not acceptable unless specifically requested.
  4. All radicals must be completely “simplified”, including no perfect square factors under the radicand and no radicals in the denominator.
  5. Answers must be in generally accepted mathematical form. If an answer is ambiguous, it will be marked wrong.
  6. Answers like (±3,±4) are ambiguous and are always wrong, regardless of what the correct answer is.
  7. Proper set notation, proper interval notation, or careful use of the words “or” or “and” must be used when dealing with inequalities.
  8. Any answer expressed with a fractional exponent must be in simple form, as if it were rewritten in radical form. For example 2^(7/5) must be written as 2*2^(2/5).
  9. An ordered pair must be given in standard notation with parentheses. Omitting the parentheses makes the answer incorrect.


The question writer may always include specific instructions regarding the form of an answer, overriding the generic league rules.